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Jobyna Beth Ministries is based out of California, USA and working in the USA & the third world countries especially within Hindus, Buddhists and muslims countries to deliver the gospel and release people from the religious slavery.
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A Global movement, doing a marvelous job answering the heart cry of a nation and people group that has felt voiceless, hopeless and enslaved with in their own homes and nation for way to long, establishing a Generation of Peacemakers that is the voice of Royalty & Freedom for now and the generations to come. Where no voice goes unheard and peace will reign.
Shaka to Jobyna Beth for this amazing blessing that is allowing me to reach that goal of buying a car at the end of this year. I'm so excited!
Alika Sanchez
Business Investor

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"When a Business solves social and economical problems, it makes a double profit and When Royal People stand for Freedom, It gives an everlasting impact and Changes lives.” - Kaleem Shahzad

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We all know a business is a service to the public and a successful business is that which has an excellent reputation and integrity. This happens by focusing on marketing, networking and relationship. An excellent reputation is when we meet the needs of the society by solving their problems.

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