“They stripped the clothes off my daughters-in-law”, said Bashir, “and forced them out on the street. They also threw the children, some as young as two, against the walls. My sons and I were hit with gun butts and iron rods amid volleys of abuse and threats.” September 20, 2018, Bashir Masih, a 60-year-old retired[…]

Jobyna Beth started Lavish.Business to help trafficked girls and poor children. Still the ministries working to establish this business and hope soon you will see our clothes designed by Pakistani designers. Jobyna wrote a beautiful article “I AM BEAUTIFUL” on Lavish, we are sharing this article with you on behalf of Jobyna Beth Ministries. Story[…]


When I was 3 years old I went into my dad’s office and told him I wanted to give my life to Jesus and make him my Lord and Savior, so in that moment my dad helped and walked me through the prayer of salvation and the presence of the Lord touched me and changed[…]

Priceless is a global movement that aims to restore identity, end every type of slavery and rescue young girls and boys. Human Trafficking is becoming one of the biggest money making industries in the world because unlike fire arms a person can be sold over and over. HLF USA is working to completely eradicate Human[…]

The Face of Grace | Written by Adi Sherman When I was born, I think someone misplaced my instruction manual. Maybe it got lost in the diaper bag or flew out the car window on the way home. Or maybe it got thrown out with the old receipts. It’s a good thing they knew all[…]

The minor maid girl Tayyaba who was tortured at the session judge’s house in Rawalpindi has appeared in front of the medical board of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Islamabad. The girl underwent a medical checkup and her blood sample was taken for DNA test along with claiming parents and brother. The doctors have confirmed torture against[…]

You Are Priceless

YOU ARE PRICELESS Who you are, where you came from, your value, identity and worth is found in Jesus Christ. He defines you and he paid the ultimate price by giving his life for you, so you can have life. This makes you PRICELESS. If you live out of this place, truly seeing you through[…]

A Christian teenage girl namely Mehwish was craftily abducted after being lured for a handsomely paid domestic work. The victim resident of Khalid Colony in Faisalabad, was taken away by a Muslim family after that Mehwish never returned home. Her mother Shahnaz (real name is withheld) narrated the horrific ordeal of the family and disclosed[…]