Ehtaram-e-Ramadan Bill

Ehtaram-e-Ramadan Bill

What is Ehtram-e-Ramadan (Ramzan) Bill?

“Ehtaram-e-Ramadan” bill is passed by the government of the Islamic state of Pakistan, This Ordinance means No person shall eat, drink or smoke in a public place during fasting hours in the month of Ramazan, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context, “public place” includes any hotel, restaurant, canteen, house, room, tent, enclosures, road lane, bridge or other place to which the public has access. Whoever contravenes the provisions of sub-section (1) shall be punishable with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees, or with both.

Ethnic Minorities and Slavery

Before you know what is happening with the millions of humans in Pakistan who are living a life of slavery and have no voice and there is no one who can be the Voice of the Voiceless community. There are estimated 2.8 million Christians, near about 2.5 million hindus, and millions of other religious, ethnic and secular minorities are also living in Pakistan among 170 million muslims. These minorities are not refugees, asylum seekers but from generation to generation living in this region, who struggled for a secular Pakistan. But Pakistan after 1971 became a Islamic state and a sword of “Blasphemy law (Hang till death under section 295 B/C)” is always hang on them. Christians and other minorities are suffering there, they are being burnt alive. But There is no voice for them, The United nations is becoming a silent idol. While on the other hand, millions of muslims enter as fake refugees destroy the society and rape the girls in the west, and then raise a voice for “Islamic Shria law (Freedom for killing)”, the western churches and Christians are not helping the persecuted Christians in islamic states, but they are bringing “muslim refugees” (Killers) from islamic states, feeding and welcoming them and empowering extremists muslims in the west too.

Human Rights & Freedom

Ehtram-e-Ramadan bill is a crime against humanity and all Pakistan stands for. It will be used against Christians as blasphemy law in Pakistan. Now Christians, Hindus, and other minorities in Pakistan can not eat in Public in Ramadan month, they cant drink and eat any thing. If any one will eat, he will be fined and put in jail for three months. It’s hot weather, 90-120 F is normal regular temperature. People died in Pakistan because of dehydration in such a weather. And such a bill and law are anti-humanity laws. We don’t know why Christian, secular countries don’t raise their voice against cruel system in Islamic states. Without raising a voice they want United Nations to take a step.

Muslims around the world, insult, humiliate, kill other humans, but they want freedom of preaching and sharia law in the Christian Western countries. Western Christians happily welcome them and help them to oppress more Christians within the Islamic states.

On the other hand, a Muslim terrorist girl Naureen Laghari who is a member of ISIS Pakistan, who was planning for a suicide blast in Church in Lahore on Easter 2017 is free by the Pakistani Army. Taliban Commander Ehsan ulah Ehas was the master mind in major suicide blasts and on Army Public school attack, but they are free and the Pakistani army and government have made them hero’s that now they want peace. They are so deceived, Clapping for Islam, killers are free and humans can not eat and drink, people Can’t speak or post on social media, people are being killed, jailed for posting their views about Islam. There is no freedom of speech and no human rights because of Islam.

People are being killed for posting content on social media, muslim mobs brutally killing the innocent humans. Pakistan and Islamic states promotes slavery and they are the members of United Nations.

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