In Pakistan, girls belonging to the minority Hindu, Sikh, and Christian communities are kidnapped, raped, forcibly converted to Islam, and married to Muslim men. These girls are generally 12 to 18 years old. Every year, about 1,000 non-Muslim girls are forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan. The Human Rights Council of Pakistan has reported that cases of forced conversion are increasing. According to the Pakistan Hindu Council, forced religious conversions are one of the main reasons for migration of Hindus from Pakistan to India. In most cases the victim is abducted and is then subjugated to sustained emotional and physical abuse often involving threats of violence towards their loved ones.

Your Voice Matters

We protested to escalate this problem and demanded the government of Pakistan to arrest kidnappers and stop forcibly conversion of Christians and Hindus girls.

Being American Raising Voice for Pakistani Persecuted Women

A representative and a member of Advisory Board GenerationOfPeacemakers.Org Jobyna Beth said “Today was a day I will never forget, we became the voice for a voiceless community, the young and minor girls who were raped and forced to convert into Islam. This was a extremely risky step for me and my team, I could be banned from ever setting foot here (Pakistan) again and my team can be arrested which is the Least that can happen, but we serve the most amazing King of Kings and when he speaks we say YES. So the favor and protection of God was all around us. I stood as the only American and female Interviewed by one of the top secular news channels here in Pakistan!!! GLORY!! What a honor to stand to speak on behalf of every girl that was raped!! My God is a God of Justice.. it’s just the beginning of our steps to stop the persecution against Christians and other minorities.

Stan with Us to Build Rescue Home in Pakistan