Human Trafficking is becoming one of the biggest money making industries in the world because unlike fire arms a person can be sold over and over. The largest number of victims trafficked internationally still come from Southeast Asia; over 225,000 each year. Nepal,Pakistan, USA and India are the key destination countries.

Cause Goal

Priceless is a global movement that aims to restore identity, end every type of slavery and rescue young girls and boys. Jobyna Beth Ministries, HLF USA is working to completely eradicate Human sex slavery across the globe. HLF-GP Team started the #Priceless campaign on our recent Mission Trip Nepal 2017.

  • Five Fully Functional Rescue Homes & Rehabilitation Centers.
  • Root Ground – In Nepal and Pakistan.
  • Market Place – In Redding, Seattle and LA, USA

Benefits of Services

These Girls and boys and women will go through inner healing, the embrace of a loving Father Jesus Christ. Where they will be fully trained and equipped care givers that stay and live in the safe houses. In the safe houses they are educated and taught a vocational skills, empowered and equipped to be victorious over-comers in the outside world. They leave completely restored and delivered with their vocational skills of sewing, fashion & design, cosmetology, teaching, graphic designing, computer skills, business management, health and fitness, barista and hospitality. HLF – Generation of Peacemakers will create avenues for their vocational skills to be used in all mountains of influence.

Save This Generation