STOP The Freedom of Killing – Will You Help Us to Stop Islamic Terrorism?

We are living in a world, where muslims are allowed to kill every non-muslim, every human who contradicts their belief, and who left Islam or wants to leave Islam. Whoever will question or criticize the beliefs of Islam will be killed by the Islamic governments, Muslim Public, Or by the Mujahidin (Terrorists). Before we as HLF can give a full disclosure of our strategies and plans for stopping Islamic terrorism, First it’s important that you know what the United Nations is doing so you as a Christian can truly be aware of your role. Many organizations started out with a God centered purpose and strategies to bring change into the world but Instead are becoming more like the world and hiding their beliefs. We as Christians are called to be the influencers in society and God is the only one that can bring true peace. I am asking that you decide what your role should be being a human and being a christian.

Recent News:
A Pakistani boy killed by his university students and Teachers for posting “blasphemous content” on Facebook
The Agenda of Muslims
Muslims attack on Palm Sunday church bombings in Egypt

The United Nations and the European parliament is being fooled by muslims or they are making the world’s humanitarians and philanthropists out to be fools and tricking them into giving billions of dollars indirectly to terrorists. There are 193 countries of the world who are the members of the United Nations. The United Nations has been trying to end terrorism since 1945. The World’s most famous and influential people and business companies are giving billions of dollars to the United Nations. But they are unable to stop terrorism and its growing. The biggest reason for the growth of terrorism is the funds being given to the moderate Muslims who are indirectly supporting Extremists groups. If the terrorists world wide will be given billions of dollars “how are they really ending terrorism?”.

A Report of UN Budget & Increasing of Terrorism 2012-2013

A Report of UN Budget & Increasing of Terrorism 2012-2013


Have you ever raised a question, If the UN is working for freedom and human rights, why are the people in Islamic states suffering, people in the Islamic states, minorities in islamic states, ethnic groups in islamic states, religious minorities in islamic states are living a life of slavery. They choose their own representatives in those minorities groups who put the banner of “Peace & Harmony” in the fear of death by their government, muslims terrorists or by the muslim majority public. Other muslims have also fear of extremists muslims and if a Muslim who wants to leave islam can not leave Islam, they suffer by islamic blasphemy laws.

Muslims are working in two Groups & Many Sects:
1. Extremists muslims
2. Moderate muslims

Extremists Muslims kill and force people to convert into Islam. Moderate muslims take the name of peace, promote sex and join Industries, social platforms so they can inspire and convert famous people into islam, it also helps them to raise big funds to support terrorists. The youth of Today who do not know the real agenda of muslims and without knowing the reality of the religion of islam they convert into islam or muslim terrorists use those women to get citizenship. (Read More: The Agenda of Muslims, Islamic Roots Don’t Belong To Pakistan)

We are the members of HLF – Global Peacemakers team from different corners of the world. Who are standing to Fight against the Religious hate, Injustice, Poverty, Corruption, Discrimination, Slavery, Persecution and Terrorism.

HLF Strategic Plan

HLF Strategic Plan to encounter Islamic Terrorism is to first stop its growth in the west by bringing awareness and exposing Islam to the youth of today and secondly work in the birthing place of Islam by removing the hate from the muslims hearts.

  • Raise Global Peacemakers Team in Every Country, to institute and educate the youth regarding the issues of the world and how they can play a effective role in creating a peaceful society in their regions, in which participants can review important issues.
  • Meet with global leaders to raise a voice in bringing unity and bridging the gap between the secular and Christian society. Secularism and Democracy is also promoted by Christians in the society but later they stopped sharing their belief which was the base of Equality.
  • Stop Illegal Immigration which disturbs the peace and Justice of the Global society. Governments, UN, and EU are working to establish a One World Government: There is discrimination within the governments system as they easily grant visit visas and the immigration to the Muslims, but the governments do not easily allow Visit or tourist visas to the Minorities (Christians) from the Islamic state.
  • Asylum Policies: The governments need to stand by and put into action what a asylum was created to do ( protect every individual that is persecuted in their own home country that means every culture, religion, and race, and if they were doing this they would be granting asylums to what everyone knows is the most persecuted minority groups (Christians, women, and children).
  • Work with the collaboration of all social and political platforms who are standing for humanity to save nations from islamic terrorism and to make strong governments
  • A priority in every government structure On the grounds of letting any individual from Islamic states enter into America and Europe has to have questions regarding beliefs and interest of shria law into the defensive Asylum process in order to know which Muslims are extremist (terrorists) or not.
  • Create HLF-GP Forum to petition to the governments, EU and UN to work with HLF-GP to encounter Terrorism, extremism, Human Trafficking and child labor to promote education and human rights.
  • Promote inter-religious and intercultural dialogue on a global scale, establish a “International Analytical debate forums” which gives opportunities to secular, religious, non religious scholars and leadership for the reason of conveying their views to the entire world.
  • Bring Awareness to Christian Youth to be active Politically and Socially.
  • Send Our Representatives & Ambassadors into Governments.
  • Strong Godly Governments can stop Islamic terrorism and advance the “Kingdom of Peace”.

    “Together We can make a New History, Let’s Stand for the Kingdom of Peace.”

    If we want to see change in the world, a peaceful world with the ending of every type of slavery, child labor, terrorism, human and Sex trafficking, injustice and poverty. We have to stand together.

    It doesn’t matter what you do or doing, We welcome everyone to join Us, Business Executives, Youth, Business personal, Students, Alumni, Scholars, Politicians, Celebrities, and Athletes to make a Peaceful World.

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