President & Director (USA)
Jobyna Beth is a entrepreneur, social activist, revivalist and a Ordained minister. She was born in Seattle WA, United States. Jobyna has great career in Ministry school, child development, counselor, inner healing. She has worked with many international Ministries and Organizations like “Bethel Church”, “The Desires of all Nations”, “Missions.Me”, “Kings Cathedral on Maui” & “Holy Light Foundation”. She has ministered and brought Gods love to Pastors, trained leaders in children, and youth ministry. Empowering…
Gen. Secretary
Ms. Naushaba is a fashion Designer at Lavish International and has also served as a hostess in-charge at the Pearl Continental International Hotel, Lahore. She has a heart to empower women and children and voluntarily working as a Secretary General at Holy Light Foundation & Jobyna Beth Ministries.
Visionary & Revivalist
Kaleem Shahzad is the founder and chairman of the board of Holy Light Foundation and a Ordained Revivalist at Morning Star Ministries. He has worked in many international companies, as a Car-Importer in KBC JAPAN (Pvt) LTD and as a Retail Sales Executive in TCS (Pvt) LTD. He made his life mission to serve God by serving humanities and to spread the true light for humanities and Peace in the world. He is preaching into…
Youth Ambassador
We may be strong as individuals but together we are invincible. Let us Make A New History !
Youth Ambassador
I'm joining in order to learn and accelerate this outreach however I can. - Marianna McGinnity
Missionary & Revivalist
Ever since I was a little girl I have had the heart to help the lost, the poor and the broken-hearted. When I was young the closest thing I could imagine that would fulfill this longing inside me was to become a missionary. I would get to travel to the darkest places in the world risking everything to help bring life to those in need. I could not imagine anything more perfect or fulfilling. Years…