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Jessica .D

Ever since I was a little girl I have had the heart to help the lost, the poor and the broken-hearted. When I was young the closest thing I could imagine that would fulfill this longing inside me was to become a missionary. I would get to travel to the darkest places in the world risking everything to help bring life to those in need. I could not imagine anything more perfect or fulfilling. Years later as I went through my life this fire inside of my began to become dim and I had slowly begun to forget this dream. It actually wasn’t until this past year that the Lord once again rekindled the flame in my heart as I was studying at Bethel. I took a class titled Social Justice and I believe that throughout the course of the school year that this class had one of the biggest impacts on me.

The passion to fight for justice was reawakened every week I got more and more excited for every class. One of the sections of the class that impacted me the most was when we began to discuss sex trafficking. There were many weeks where I would leave to go home after the class and wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it for days. I realized that what the passion to change some of the most unmovable situations was coming alive once again. As the weeks went on I began to learn more about trafficking and my heart began to search for any possible answer to make even the slightest difference. After learning about it and its roots in our culture I decided that I can not go on without being involved in this somehow and serving in any way would be better than turning my cheek and pretending that I don’t know what I now do. Now I am ready to not just rescue girls out of trafficking and bring inner healing to the but to change culture so that this isn’t happening anymore.

I want the children of today's society to grow up and see something other than half naked women walking around every time they step outside. I want them to see and know people in their lives that are proudly and courageously walking out purity with a boldness and strength. Its time that the next generation has heroes to look up to and another option to turn to that is available as the grow and make important choices.